Wednesday 1 December 2021


I absolutely love this time of year, Christmas for me, is definitely all about making memories and sharing time with your loved ones.

We usually try and plan a little getaway around this time of year close to my parents so we can visit. The children miss them, being over a 6 hour car ride, definitely not close enough for a quick cup of tea and catch up which we all miss.

So planning little getaways that are not only easy but affordable are essential for us and the more we can have ,the better.

Something I always look for is somewhere that feels homely. There is nothing more worse than booking somewhere and turning up to a cold unwelcoming place.

Almost like it’s not been lived in for a lifetime, you know what I mean don’t you.

 GuestReady is such a popular one. If you are unfamiliar with them, they are a short term rental company that operates in so many different countries. 

They actually have over 3,000 properties available for renting. They mange properties on behalf of the owners. 

If you’ve seen The Holiday then you’ll kind of know what I mean,but GuestReady are the hosts. If you’ve not seen the film then are you living under a rock?, the best Christmas film ever!.

Renting someone’s home out, doesn’t just feel homely and welcoming but for families it’s a great way to keep routine in place while you are on a getaway. 

You’ve still got a living room and a fully working kitchen separate, so routine can still go ahead, and then there’s no chaos when you get home, you can just bounce right back into normality.

If you go through to the airbnb management services section, it gives you the option to search for a place. So you add in where you would like to go, how many people and the dates you need and it comes up with everything you need to find the perfect stay :)

GuestReady is present all over the UK, Europe and the Middle East, so you can enjoy their short term rental services in Brighton , just like you can in London , Paris or even Dubai.

Dubai is actually on our bucket list for next year , so we are keeping all fingers and toes crossed for that one!.

Also if you book your stay directly you can get discounts like you would through a hotel stay, which is amazing .

I wonder if the owners would have their homes decorated for Christmas for their guests?, wouldn’t that be so lovely.

I’d love to know if you’ve ever booked in with GuestReady and what your favourite parts of your stay were.

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