Thursday 2 December 2021


Who is ready for Christmas?, i am slowly getting there but still need to get a few bits for the children and other family members. I’ve rounded up some gift ideas for the whole family so who ever else you still need to buy for, I’ve definitely got you covered in this gift guide.

Planners and calendars are always at the top of my list for everyone. I definitely can’t function if I haven’t got a calendar up on the wall or a planner with all my bits in. Danilo is my go to every year for these as they have such a variety and so many designs.

Being Merry and all :). My absolute favourite brand Cranes have brought out a lovely gift set of their Prosecco toppers including lemon and lychee which sounds amazing and my absolute favourite, cranberry and blood orange.

Another lovely gift set is this one from Copper Rivet Distillery. Three small bottles of gin including Damson, dry and delicious strawberry.

For something to keep your coffee warm on them winter walks is this sustainable reusable coffee travel cup from Global Wake Cup. These are not only better for the environment but they are also a great gift as they can be personalised.

The girls love getting their hands into something crafty and creative. This paper mache magic kit is such a perfect present. All you need is toilet paper and water and everything else is inside to make some cool creations.

Yo/Yo’s are definitely coming back into fashion aren’t they?. I used to love them as a kid. The mega spin Saturn is the latest gadget from Wicked and it looks super cool!.

Pamper treats are always lovely this time of year and I love the range from the hair boss. They have this double hair mask which smells amazing and leaves your hair feeling incredible.

St Moriz have some lovely goodies and are really affordable. Pairing up their tan mitt and their dry skin tanning serum would make a lovely little gift.

If you need something for the home, why not ask for it as a Christmas present. Vonhaus have an absolutely huge range of appliances for the home and all kinds of great Christmas gift ideas including this amazing 5.5L air fryer, which actually comes with accessories for baking a cake and more.

If you are looking for something a little different or a house moving Christmas gift then this 5 piece stainless steel set of pans would be perfect and a great start up set too.

Any gamers in the family?. We love family games night and have already seen spirited away and the new Addams family at the cinema. These two games look so cool and the girls have had them on their Christmas wish list since we went to see the movies!.They would make great gifts , and also great stocking fillers with some candy :)

PJ mask fans?, we’ve got one and she is absolutely obsessed with anything PJ mask. How about the PJ mask deluxe battle headquarters. It comes with two figures and would make the perfect main gift for your little ones this year.

Add another figure to the collection with the Owlette glider set. Which character is your little ones favourite?.

I hope these gift ideas help you out and give you some inspiration,and I hope you have a lovely Christmas :)


  1. Some great gift options, the air fryer is a great one as you'd get a lot of use out of that. But you can't beat a little drink too x

  2. Loads of variety there. The hair mask sounds like somethign my teens woudl really like and that set of pans looks great for me.