Tuesday 14 December 2021


I have finally finished the children’s Christmas bits and can stop shopping. I am definitely that person that shops til they drop, I just can’t help myself, but I’ve made a list and ticked it all off and now I am done :)

The last few pieces that have arrived this morning are from Jaques Of London. If you’ve not heard of them before , they are a family run business, providing gorgeous wooden toys and games since 1795.

The first thing I picked up was this luxury folding chess set for Alessia. She has been asking for one for a very long time, and I thought the idea would ‘faze’ out but it hasn’t, so I know she is going to absolutely love it.

None of us can play chess so it’s going to be a really lovely one to learn together, and hopefully she doesn’t win all the time :) . This set retails at £31.99.

She is also keen to learn back gammon, which I actually remember my mum playing when I was younger and wondered what on Earth all the odd triangles were on the board,thinking it was such a hard game to play.

This backgammon set retails at £39.99 and is top quality. The game is also great for the brain. Helps with improving your memory, great for the puzzle solver addicts and I think it’ll make a lovely Christmas gift.

Nila is obsessed with her kitchen. She loves cooking up a storm in there and loves cutting up her fruit and veg. She’s always needing some extra pieces so this wooden fruit play food set will be a lovely addition to her ever growing collection.

It retails at £9.99 and comes in a lovely wooden box.

The last thing I picked for Nila was this magnetic fishing game. I love the sea life themed box and the handle so it’s great to take on your travels.

It’s a great one for learning as well as having fun along the way. Nila is currently learning her phonics and her letters so this one is going to be such a great hit with her.

Do let me know if you pick any of these up for your kiddies for Christmas this year :)


  1. These look like fantastic wooden toys! That chess set is especially lovely and the perfect size for travelling too!

  2. They do have some lovely games. We love playing backgammon but don't have much time during term time.

  3. I do love Jacques of London for their their range and of course the wooden element of the toys

  4. Some lovely looking gifts that are going to last a long time. These would be nice to pass down through the family x

  5. Ooh! These are such great gifts. They would also be keepsakes for years. I love these ideas!

  6. I think their packaging is gorgeous, like a present in its own right and the wooden toys look such good quality.

  7. I like that this brand makes gifts for every member of the family. I like that set of backgammon, it looks so elegant. I used to love playing this with my grandfather.