Monday 13 December 2021


 It’s no secret that I am an absolute advocate for self love and self care. Doing things that make you feel good and keep your heart happy is what I strive to do everyday.

Feeling good comes in so many forms. Looking after your skin, taking yourself out on coffee dates, and also in what you wear.

If you have been a regular follower then you will know I have the biggest lingerie collection and absolutely love adding to it.

There is nothing more satisfying than having the longest soak in the bath then putting on a piece and feeling amazing in it.

I have recently discovered iDentity Lingerie and I have got to say, I was completely drawn in. Their collection is incredible.

They are a small family run business in Lincolnshire that produce gorgeous pieces of nightwear, lingerie, wrap dresses and face masks. All of which are handmade and ethically made which brings me joy . 

I chose a few pieces to add to my collection at home and they are absolutely stunning.

 The supportive bralettes lived up to my expectations. I normally need a full cup size support bra so I tend to stay away from bralettes but I honestly love this one. It is so flattering and the back detail is stunning.

Green is my favourite colour - forest green especially, just call me Mother Nature …

The night wear that I chose was these silk pyjamas ladies UK in green and they are my favourite piece by far. The material is high quality fabric and feels lovely on the skin.

I’ve been wearing these non stop over the last few months and they wash up so well too and I love the buttons on them.

I’ve got my eyes on the purple pair for Christmas.I’ve added them to my Christmas wish list so keeping my fingers and toes crossed!.

Most importantly they make me feel good. When you find a brand that not only looks good but makes you feel good ,then it’s a win win.

Let me know if you add any of these bits to your Christmas list and let’s see if Santa delivers :)


  1. It's great when you find a brand with products that make you feel good. It really boosts confidence. Sounds like they have great items. Great for self care.

  2. Thst bralette looks gorgeous! And you can't beat a good pair of PJ's x

  3. I've never heard of this brand before but it looks like they make lovely products. The bralette looks lovely, I keep meaning to try a bralette and this looks like my sort of style.

  4. Oh that bralett is so cute, especially the detail on the back. It looks like it would be comfy to wear and so cute under a sheer back blouse.

  5. Identity Lingerie have such gorgeous pieces - I would definitely buy from there for some lovely pieces.