Sunday 12 December 2021


I am still really poorly with a chest infection but I’m trying my hardest to keep the festive spirit and try and feel Christmassy as much as I can for the girls.

Nila wanted to go out for a walk today so we headed to the fields and collected some leaves to make a wreath. We love living on the back of a farm as there is so much nature and different trails to go on.

We popped the leaves on the radiator to dry out whilst we made some warm drinks, anyone else really feeling the cold at the minute?.

Plus my four year old hates gloves, scarfs and hats so trying to keep them on her for more than 5 minutes is a challenge ha!.

We did some colouring in the Christmas books whilst listening to Christmas hits on the Alexa and having a bit of a kitchen disco. Nila’s colouring is getting so good and her favourite thing to do ever is colouring in.

We made our wreath with one of the cardboard wreaths in the packs you can get from Baker Ross. I get quite a big order every so often and it lasts me for a few years . This stash is still going strong over 2 years later!.

The wreath came out really lovely and I think it was a Christmassy afternoon success :) 


  1. Aww I love Baker Ross! That wreath is fabulous, great idea to collect leaves for it! Hope you feel better soon so you can fully enjoy Christmas!

  2. The wreath looks lovely and very christmassy, I do love winter walks and arts and crafts

  3. She looks so proud of her Christmas wreath. My two loved Baker Ross craft kits when they were little.

  4. It can be so hard to keep up the fun with kids when you are feeling unwell. I love that Christmas wreath, it looks so pretty. Will have to make a few with my boys as they break up on Friday from school and it's going to be a long few days until Christmas day.