Monday 6 December 2021


When it comes to Children, we try our best to protect and care for them and give them the best start in life, it’s our duty isn’t it.

Amongst some of these children, there will be victims of child trauma and this can lead to mental health disorders like anxiety, depression and PTSD.

With over 25% of victims experiencing these disorders, finding ways to help and what is the best way, is the hardest part for parents and teachers, and trying to keep the communication going between the two can be very difficult.

Understanding that the behaviour at home and school can differ and this can cause different perspectives of the child’s behaviour.

This is where the National Association of Therapeutic Parents (NAOPT) come in. They have launched a website packed with resources for all types of schools.By supporting schools and it’s teaching staff,The National Association of Therapeutic Parents helps to raise awareness of development trauma.

The NAOPT understands that there is quite a lot of pressure on teacher to achieve academic success within their students and therefore they feel the pressure, as well as the parents who feel the stress and the lack of support they feel they have and how their child’s behaviour could be misinterpreted.

The website has been set up for Nursery schools,Primary schools,Secondary schools, Colleges, Virtual schools, Forest schools and SEN schools.

It is designed to guide schools into a support system that they really need. Members can access a wide range of resources on children’s mental health.

I think this website is vital, especially with the last year and a half going through a pandemic, the more support we can give our children the better .

With everyone coming together, the more guidance  and success our children will have. 

To find out more and to become a member , you can visit




  1. Ohb what a great resource. I'm going to check it out and refer my girls school to it, as one of my twins is really struggling right now and they seem clueless.

  2. It's so wonderful to learn about bodies that can help like the NAOTP! I definitely know a few people they could help.

  3. This sounds like such a great resource as this is an area that children have been very let down with

  4. This sounds like a wonderful resource for schools, mental health disorders can affect so many people.

  5. The website sounds choc full of resources that will be really helpful for parents. I will definitely check it out.