Thursday 23 December 2021


Today has honestly been such a lovely day. I officially signed off all bits for work yesterday evening so we are in true Christmas holiday mode.

We’ve spent the whole morning doing crafts - we’ve made baubles for the tree , done painting and been singing away to Christmas songs in the kitchen.

The girls are so excited for Christmas and we’ve got winter wonderland tomorrow so we’ve really enjoyed a home day today .

We snuggled up with snacks and watched home alone 2, which had been on my watch list for the whole of December, so I’m glad we got that one in!.

Nila even fell asleep on me, she was that snuggled, plus she’s feeling a little under the weather again, but I’m hoping it’ll pass and she won’t need antibiotics.

We also decided to go out for dinner as a treat and it was so needed. We discussed Santa and who will be on the good and naughty list / apparently Santa has shown  Nila the list and daddy is on the naughty list, sorry Mezz! :)

We’ve ended the night driving round looking at all the Christmas lights and it’s put me in such a happy mood. Some houses were crazy!.

I’ve just done some last minute wrapping and going to have a soak in the bath.l with today’s lush shower gel from the advent calendar. 

Hope you are all set for the big day :) 


  1. Best evening ever! I love when we spend quality time as a family, so much fun...

  2. Sounds like you had a really great day! We have been doing a lot of crafts and baking. Home Alone is in our Christmas movies list every year.

  3. We love that movie and we love crafts, maybe I need to watch it one more time and make some ornaments for next year

  4. Looks like an amazing family night. We do movie nights and snack nights at home and they're the best.