Tuesday 21 December 2021


When it comes to food, as a family we love trying out new things , whether it be recipes or something a little different that we haven’t heard of before.

When Earth and Wheat got in contact with me, I was definitely intrigued so looked into them a bit more and was more than happy to get sent one of their boxes.

They are the UK’s first wonky bread box that deliver perfectly good bread that would of gone to waste because it’s been deemed ‘wonky’. 

I do find the whole ‘wonky’ isn’t good enough absolutely ridiculous and as long as the food tastes good then it really shouldn’t matter if it’s a bit misshaped!.

So in our wonky bread box we got :

2 Large Naan breads

8 seeded tortilla wraps

10 crumpets

4 focaccia slices

6 fluffy pancakes

6 wholemeal pittas

The boxes are priced at £6.99 which I think is a great price for a box of 2kg worth of bread .

Great for children’s pack lunches and also for freezing for them rainy day mornings when you’ve not got any breakfast in, take some pancakes out the freezer and you are good to go.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried them out before and what you got in your box- we will definitely be getting another one in the new year :)

-Gifted item 


  1. We love nan bread and pancakes. These would be handy to freeze and use when needed.

  2. A wonky bread company is exactly the kind of company I need in my life as we're huge bread lovers. But I'd 100% have to freeze some as we couldn't get through it all x

  3. I love the idea of not throwing away stuff that doesn't look "perfect". There is so much needless food waste, especially when the taste is the same!

  4. This is the coolest! We don't have anything like this where I"m at but I wish we did!

  5. This looks like such an awesome box to have. I know I would love this box for sure! I'm a huge fan of bread in general.