Friday 31 December 2021


 I stopped doing the whole new year resolutions and new year new me thing a long time ago.

The new year for me brings another year that I am truly grateful for and another year I get to spend with my amazing little family.

I sit and reflect on what I have achieved and how the year has been for me and if it’s been kind or if I’ve struggled with certain things - this is where I set my intentions and hopes for the year ahead.

2021 was definitely a year I worked hard- and when I say I worked hard , I spent my working days working, my days off working and my free time ‘catching up with work’.

This year I will really try to schedule in proper working hours and spending my days off , off completely, trying to anyway :) , remember these are intentions and hopes not set in stone resolutions that can’t be broken and have to be conquered right this second!.

I want to do more things that I love and make time for them things - reading. I honestly haven’t read a whole book in the last 12 months, and I am a complete book worm, I LOVE books.

It’s going to be a year of self love and finding myself for sure. Taking myself out on coffee dates and giving my head that space and free energy as it has been running 150 MPH for the past year and almost been at exploding point.

My mental health has had quite a bit of a bashing so I’m really going to be kinder to myself this year and put me first for once.

To not use the words ‘ in a minute’ as often as I have been with the children. The dishes can wait and the folding of the laundry isn’t a priority.

To be more present with them and cherish these days as they really aren’t little for long. 

To go on more adventures - covid permitting!. We have a few day trips and date night vouchers and I want to use as many of them as I can this year . Alton towers , camping and a murder mystery night are my three top ones :)

To continue with my fitness journey and not to be afraid of the gym!. 

Id love to know if you’ve set any intentions or hopes for 2022, and I really hope we all have the best year possible..


  1. Delightful read of your intentions and hopes. In fact we all should write our intentions for the year 2022.

  2. Yes you must give yourself breaks and time off, I am so guilty of not doing this either and I feel guilty if I switch off

  3. I can't be more excited about 2022. I usually don't setup goals but I did this year..

  4. These are good things to focus on for the upcoming year. I am glad to hear a lot of people are focusing on mental health and self care.

  5. I love that you have chosen to make it a year of self love!

  6. Good luck with 2022. I do hope many of your intentions and hopes are realised.

  7. This was an amazing read. Thank you for the share!

  8. It is so important to not spend all your time working or trying to catch up with work. I hope that this year, you are able to look after yourself.