Saturday 18 December 2021


 I have definitely been flapping over the last few days with Christmas. I am finally getting better but Nila is now coming down with something again.

We are currently at my mum and dads house so I am hoping I can get her in at the doctors as soon as we get back so she isn’t poorly over the Christmas period.

The next few days are definitely ‘project Christmas’. I am finally done with the children and we’ve done all the food shop apart from the Turkey/ I know, the main thing we haven’t got but we will be picking it up next week.

The house looks like Santa’s grotto and it is so cosy. A big clean on Tuesday and it’ll be all set .

I have got to pick Mezz up a few bits and then it’s operation wrapping!. I end up leaving most of it until Christmas Eve and it’s not fun!. 

Last year I was up till 3am wrapping and was absolutely shattered. I’m on a mission to get it all wrapped before Christmas Eve!.

Now I just want to enjoy the holidays with the children and watch all the Christmas movies and make memories. 

We’ve done elf on the shelf for a day whilst being here and the girls have loved it . I couldn’t manage the whole month so hats off to you all that do it for a whole month :)

I’m loving the slow pace with the children now they have broken up for school. 

Are you all set for Christmas?.

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