Friday 17 December 2021


 Since joining the gym and getting free access to the swimming bath, the girls and I have really enjoyed our swim sessions.

The children’s area has water slides and rapids and it’s such a fun afternoon, and also a bonus as it’s all included in the monthly fee.

To keep all of our stuff in one place and stopping everything else from getting soggy - we’ve been using the Aqua planet bag and it’s been a god send.

It’s a waterproof backpack which is the perfect solution for keeping everything dry. It’s super light and super durable.

It has loads of features including the padded adjustable shoulder and chest straps. The reflective details for low light conditions and ergonomic breathable access storage.

It also has a bottle pocket and a secret waterproof zipped pocket which is perfect for your phone and keys.

It’s our go to bag every time we go swimming and it is the perfect size to keep all of us stuff in - we are a family of four.

It retails at £89.99

-Gifted item


  1. It sounds like a great bag to take your stuff in. It is great to have a bag as good quality as this.

  2. Sounds great! I have a TYR bag I bought back around 2014 when we were doing swim lessons and triathlon training. That sucker is still going and a great swim backpack!

  3. A waterproof backpack sounds like such a great idea, for water parks etc it sounds so useful x