Friday 14 January 2022


 One thing I actually love is a slow morning. Yes, if you are a regular reader ,then you will know I have three girls and school run mornings are full of chaos at times but I definitely take time out before it all starts :)

I set an earlier alarm for me and my coffee. Waking up in the morning and coming downstairs and enjoying a nice cup of coffee in peace is honestly, the best start to the day.

Setting your intentions in the morning and spending a few minutes with your thoughts, and that delicious coffee makes such a difference before the chaos commends.

My morning routine starts by waking up at 6.15am, I might snooze it for 5 minutes, hey I am only human :), but usually I am out of bed by 20 past.

Slippers and dressing gown on, it’s freezing at the minute in the Uk, and Jack Frost is always making an appearance in the mornings.

I am currently using the Caprissimo Fragrante coffee capsules from Coffee friend. They are for the Nespresso machine, which you know I am OBSESSED with.

If you haven’t got a machine, they also do ground coffee,coffee beans, which make a lovely iced coffee, and lots more on their website.

You can pick the capsules up in packs of 10 or bulk buy so you won’t be running out of coffee, could you imagine!.

I put the big salt lamp on in the living room and smuggle on the sofa with my coffee, wake up a little bit and sit with my thoughts. I write down anything that needs to be done that day, anything the children need in their bags as an added extra that day.

Anything else I can think of I will actually pop on my phone as an alarm so throughout the day it’ll remind me :)

I finish up my coffee, do some big stretches, I train at the gym 5 times a week so stretches in the morning feel SO good! :)

I get dressed and then go to wake the children up at 7am.By this time I am ready for the day, awake and also feel amazing that I’ve managed a hot cup of coffee before the day has started :) 

Do let me know if you are a tea or coffee kinda person in the mornings and what do you to set you up for the day .


  1. But first coffee - always! Every morning :)

  2. It's nice to have a relaxing morning routine. I'm not a coffee or tea drinker really, I wish I liked coffee x

  3. I suck at sticking to a morning routine! I do not drink tea or coffee in the morning, and lately am just drinking vitamin water while packing school lunches.

  4. Your morning routine is inspiring. I am not a morning person do the thought of getting up earlier than needed is not fun for me! But, once up, I do enjoy a cup of coffee.

  5. Coffee is so important when it comes to getting the day started off right. I have never heard of this coffee before, but I'd love to try it.