Sunday 16 January 2022


 I do love the weekends, and they are always needed after a week of school for the girls , Chaotic school runs, my girls love their sleep and enjoy their beds! :),so it’s a nightmare trying to wake them up, and a week of work and the gym.

So we spend the weekend , snuggled on the sofa watching movies, taking long walks on the local nature trail or baking.

We were sent one of the BakedIn’s subscription boxes to trial out so we did some baking over the weekend, and oh my, these were the most delicious thing we have ever baked. Definitely a 10/10!.

All your ingredients and instructions and anything else needed for example piping bags or greaseproof paper is in the box. The only thing you will need to add from home if it is needed is wet ingredients like eggs, milk or butter.

It was their thanksgiving inspired box which was pecan slices- really straightforward to make as I’m their boxes all the ingredients are labeled and the instructions are in order by numbers so the girls knew exactly what I needed.

Nila is only 4, but managed to get stuck in and did really well.I could ask her to put number 2 in the bowl and mix and because she knows her numbers she could do it independently which made her so happy, so it’s a great one for little kids too.

You also get the recipe card to keep which is great as we are definitely making these again.

Let me know if you love to bake and have you been getting your bake on this weekend :)

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  1. This sounds perfect for baking with the kids over the weekend. What a great idea. We do get stuck for things to do sometimes.

  2. We love to bake and the BakedIn subscription box sounds like something we would totally enjoy! It looks like so much fun!

  3. This seems like a great weekend activity and I'm surprised your 4 year old caught on to it so quickly too. It just shows that the instructions are simple and easy to follow. And of course the kids feel independent and confident while following them.