Wednesday 12 January 2022


When it comes to skincare and looking after my skin I will go above and beyond. Having a good skincare regime and routine will not only make you feel amazing ,but your skin will definitely thank you in the long run.

New year ,same me ,but I do love trying out new products. I think if you are a beauty junkie then a new product to try out is always exciting and I do love changing up my products depending on what season it is and how my skin is generally feeling.

I have been testing out the new Nivea Naturally good range for the past few weeks and I am really loving it so far .

I was sent the day and night cream, micellar water and the face wash.

The day cream is absolutely lovely and very light, super moisturising with soothing jojoba and almond oil. I prefer my day creams a little lighter to my night creams but still to be effective and this one is a radiance day cream packed with Aloe Vera which is very refreshing.

I love a thick night cream and this regenerating one definitely lived up to that. It is super thick and dreamy with organic Argan oil, and honestly leaves my skin feeling amazing in the morning.Both the creams are made with 99% natural ingredients too.

I don’t use micellar water and I haven’t done for so many years now, it always made my face sting and leave it really sore and red.

I always make sure I have time to wash my face of an evening and take all of my make up off, but life is busy and I’ll admit some evenings ,especially if the little ones are poorly,I wish I had a quick fix .

The micellar water from this range is super sensitive and gentle. I was a little hesitant to try it but it has been a god send for them evenings where a quick fix is needed. I also haven’t broke out after using it too which is also a bonus, really happy I’ve added this to my emergency quick fix stash :)

Last is the micellar face wash which really intrigued me. Very lightweight again, and foams up a little which is nice .I love that it has a pump which is really convenient, and just a pea size goes a long way for a gentle cleanse and purifies the face .

Both the micellar water and Dave wash bottles are made up from 97% recycled plastic which is amazing :)

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  1. I love Micellar water, it made such a difference to my skin when it suddenly appeared on the market!