Monday 10 January 2022


 Journaling involves self-reflection and helps one to stay accountable, allowing them to stay on top of their day-to-day tasks and to keep their mental health in check. This can be extremely beneficial for children as they start to experience difficult emotions and develop their independence. Here are a few benefits of journaling for children, shared by a senior school in Wolverhampton.


Improved Mental Wellbeing

Talking therapy often helps those suffering from mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and OCD which are some to name a few. It creates an outlet for distressing thoughts, allowing them to feel calmer and less stressed. Journaling can often have similar benefits as it involves challenging those difficult thoughts and emotions on paper, almost acting as a physical release. 


While this method doesn’t offer the advice and comfort of professionals, it can act as a bridge between counselling appointments and help those not yet ready to make that step. By writing about their feelings, your child can also look at their problems as an outsider, giving them clarity to understand and respond to them in a much more positive way.


Improved Literacy

Journaling involves writing which can help your child to improve on their literacy. Regularly doing so can help themto write more concisely, faster and learn how to do so in an expressive way. This can benefit them in English as they will be more adept at completing writing tasks.


Greater Levels of Fulfilment

Journaling promotes reflection and in doing so your child can reflect on their day - the good as well as the bad. This can help your child to exercise gratitude, allowing them tofeel more connected and appreciative of those in their life.


Help to Reach Goals

By journaling, your child can also reflect on their goalsWhere they are in relation and how they're going to get there. It’s also believed that by writing things down, we are also often more likely to complete them.


  1. I think teaching our kids about journaling is great for all the reasons you have mentioned, it is also something they can look back on and see how they dealt with certain situations

  2. This is so interesting! My eldest daughter got a Happy Journal for Christmas and has loved filling in what she is grateful for each day - I think it really helps to shift the focus to a positive place for children :)

  3. Yes, I am great beleiver in journaling for ALL not just kids. We all need a way to release our feelings and thoughts, and journalling a great way to just get it out of our minds.

  4. I used to write a diary as a kid so nowhere near aa creative but I loved it as it gave me somewhere to write my feelings x