Friday 11 February 2022


We are all familiar with trying to juggle everything at once aren’t we?. If you are a regular reader then you will know about my struggles with burn out and trying to go at 100mph and then all a sudden,crash.

I am an advocate when it comes to sharing as much information as I can about burnout and catching it before it becomes the worlds most enormous mountain that you feel like you just can’t climb,and most importantly not to ignore the signs.

That’s when I looked into coaches and fell down a rabbit hole- don’t you just love them :) .A cup of tea and scrolling and I found so much!.

Being a self employed working mum, and trying to juggle the gym and keep up with life can be such a challenge and many times I have burnt myself into the ground and had to almost hibernate from the world to recuperate, and that’s not a healthy cycle to get into.

That’s where I found Michelle..  

Michelle Ensuque is an NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming coach and has been helping people for many years after battling with her own struggles throughout her life, so she knows first hand and has the experience to guide you through it all.

What a coach does and how can they help?

They can help with anxiety and stress,which comes in many forms and completely different for every individual. I know my anxiety comes when I need to do something new, then the limiting belief kicks in and I’m telling myself I can’t do it, I’m not confident enough or clever enough- a coach can 100% help with this mindset and shift the negative pattern.

Improving your confidence is another thing coaches are known for. Whether you feel it’s to big to handle or it’s just ‘silly’, there is nothing to little or to big that your coach won’t work with you on for you to become the best version of yourself.

 Mellisa offers a wide range of programmes depending on what you are looking for- you might not even know. This is what the initial assessment is for and everyone undertakes. 

It’s a great one as you will go through your history and explore the issues or anything you want to resolve or just how you are feeling and Mellisa can get a feel for what it is you might need help with. 

To find out if Mellisa could be the right coach for you, you can actually book a free discovery call to see if you are both compatible which is such a great idea.


  1. This sounds like it could be really helpful for some people to take part in. I definitely think at times we need help from out an outside source to try and pick ourselves up.

  2. It's so important to look after yourself and practice self care etc. Everyones different so if having a coach works for you great, the experience someone has is a true plus x

  3. It sounds like you have found an absolute gem in Michelle and her techniques x