Friday 25 February 2022


 Such a good day!. We haven’t done much this half term as Nila has had an ear infection and just been poorly but with antibiotics she’s now feeling so much better and we’ve had such a lovely day out.

We met Kadiann up town for the last half term free fun day the town centre has on. Face painting, hook a duck and crafts.

Although Nila wasn’t keen on the face paining as she still isn’t 100%, the girls loved the crafts.

We stopped off at costa , twice!. Thanks to Vodafone’s costa £1 drinks, so it didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Did you know you can get a cold milk for free from costa?. Nila wanted a cold milk in a coffee cup like mummy and they said cold milk is free!.

We went out for lunch and had pizzas which were so good!, and also a cheeky gin.

Bath bombs were a must and we all picked out one for tonight’s soak in the bath. We are all obsessed with lush, if you are an OG here then you already know this :)

Nila is also addicted to eating their sugar scrub lip balm. It taste so good, but she hasn’t quite grasped the idea yet ! Ha.

All tucked up in bed and flat out and it’s really made my heart happy. I’m so glad she’s finally on the mend and that Alessia has managed to get out over the half term too. She got some goodies from primark as a treat and a bubble tea :)

We’ve got a day of crafts tomorrow which they got for Xmas and sometimes it’s ok to have a half term doing normal things at home.

I think as parents we worry about not doing or being enough and honestly just being you is absolutely enough xx


  1. Sorry that she had an ear infection! The pizzas look great and I am a big fan of Lush too, I love the smell in there and choosing a bath bomb is always fun

  2. You got me at pizzas lol...The girls seem so happy. I do this sort of activities with my kids all the time, just amazing...

  3. This is a really nice day out! Who could beat pizza, shopping and family.

  4. So glad that you managed to have such a lovely day out and hope her ear infection has cleared up - nothing beats some yummy pizza and a pop into Lush

    Laura x