Sunday 27 February 2022


Crafts have always been a staple in our home. We all love getting stuck into a project and seeing the final outcome.Something a little different we have come across is Crystal art. Now think paint by numbers but with crystals .

I’ve never seen this before but we were lucky enough to be sent one of the new Peter Rabbit cards and we are hooked!.

The set includes 

- Pen 

- Wax

- Crystals

- Crystal tray 

- Instructions 

- Bags to store your crystals in

- Peter Rabbit Card and envelope

They are really easy to do and so therapeutic!. You push your pen into wax until the wax has filled the tip. This helps you pick up your crystals, such a clever idea!. Pop your crystals in your tray and get crafting.

We did this in a few sittings and the tacky card which helps your crystals stay put and didn’t dry out or lose its stick at all.

Alessia has asked for some more for her birthday and I think these will definitely be such a great gift idea this year .

The Peter Rabbit range launches on Monday 28th February at 5pm on


  1. Ok I have heard of paint/color by number, but crystals is a new one on me! How fun though! Love that there is so much creative stuff out there lately!

  2. This looks like a fun craft activity, perfect for someone with a lot of patience :)