Sunday 13 March 2022


 Footwear for me is so important . I work out at the gym four times a week, do a few classes and also walk 3 miles a day during the week so good footwear is vital!.

When I discovered Loom Footwear, I knew they would tick all my boxes for what I need in a good pair of trainers.


I had never heard of them before until googling the things I needed in a pair of shoes and the search results bringing them up. They are a brand that realised having a million pairs of shoes for all different occasions and needs was having a damaging effect on the plant and knew they could make a one shoe fits all needs, and they did.

Loom shoes have been designed by a whole bunch of engineers,podiatrists, ergonomic specialists and designers, making them the ultimate pair of shoes.


Loom have all your needs met and this is where the special part comes in…


Loom have a waterproof and moisture wicking technology which makes them fully waterproof, no leakage!. So no need to miss them puddles or worry if the heavens open , Loom have you completely covered :)


Loom are made with materials that will absorb and release moisture from the air so your feet won’t feel sweaty or uncomfortable, which has happened to me before on my walks. Nothing worse than sweaty feet.


I go on a 3 mile walk during the week days and I absolutely love them but definitely need a comfy and lightweight pair of shoes to walk in. These are so comfy and super lightweight making a long walk feel a breeze :)


If you have followed me for a while you will know I try my best to be as eco friendly as possible and I am always looking to change and swap things.You’ll be pleased to know that Loom are sustainably made from cruelty free material that has been sourced from eco friendly farms over the world .


I am known for absolutely trashing my running trainers. I wear them until they are falling apart and I honestly believe it is down to the making of them being very poor. Loom are fantastic trainers for running and give such great support when you are out running which is essential and key to a good run.

Finding a pair of shoes that meets all of the above is amazing and definitely something that we all need in our wardrobes.

They come in two colours which are white and black and I will say the white ones look amazing with a cute gym outfit. They also wash really well too!.

Do let me know if you have a favourite pair of shoes or you have a million different pairs and need to switch up to just one pair. If you are on the hunt for a new pair then definitely check Loom out at


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