Monday 4 April 2022



Happy April!, today the UK leading gift providers Buyagift have launched ’Buyawhiff’ fragrances designed to make all them memories last that little bit longer .

If you have been a regular follower then you will know we absolutely love the Buyagift experiences and have used them so many times over the years , capturing family memories, holidays and special events with loved ones.

Buyagift have teamed up with their experience partner, The Perfume Studio to launch four new fragrances to mimic the smell of some of their popular gift experiences - afternoon tea, spas, driving days and outdoor adventures.

Smells definitely take you back to the past and help you remember days out and adventures,with these fragrances, you can take a step back anytime .

Eau De Auto

This one captures the aroma of an exhilarating track day,including smells of burnt rubber,leather, and exhaust aromas. The fragrance contains a mossy blend,which opens to earthy oak-moss and herbals, followed by woody tobacco and leathery notes. It has a warm scent with smokey and burnt notes of birch bark with traces of wood tar, and styrax resins.

Tearoom Aromas

This fragrance mimics the sweet smell of tea and sweet cakes, which contains a sweet, delicious, gourmand blend of creamy vanilla and explosions of chocolate to complete the palette. It includes sweet notes of vanilla, cream and fruits infused with a tea accord - an aromatic composition of tea leaves with an herbaceous scent,designed to take you back to a culinary sensation.

A Scent Of Spa

Designed to capture the scent of relaxation, it combines the smell reminiscent of being in a spa environment, with aromatic herbs and aquatic notes, it includes aromas of eucalyptus leaves, aromatherapy oils and chlorine. The fragrance also contains ozonic and gentle floral notes and notes of clean floral fragrance with fruits such as mandarin and bergamot.


A Scent Of Adventure 

This fresh and earthy fragrance has woody, green and floral notes and captures the scent of the great outdoors, containing galbanium green notes and aromas of soil and freshly cut grass. It includes woody notes of sandalwood, resulting in a fresh and leafy scent for a crisp, uplifting aroma reminiscent of days outdoors at adventurous experiences.

The concept behind it is incredible and scientist have proven their is a strong connection between smell and memories.


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