Wednesday 6 April 2022


When it comes to cuddly toys, Nila means business!. She has certain ones for bedtime , watching movies with and even ones who she takes out on our adventures :)

She’s recently been sent two new ones to add to her collection and they have fit in really well!.

The new soft plushies from Character toys are the cutest little things and are all from your little ones favourite on screen characters. 

Made from recycled plastic bottles and created from 100% recycled materials and packaged in sustainably sourced cardboard boxes, these Eco plush toys have been lovingly produced with the future generations in mind.

The new soft cuddly recycled plushies have come at such a great time, ready for Earth day this month.

Earth day is the 22nd April and it’s also my birthday that day so we always spend the day outside appreciating nature and looking into ways to help the environment and the world to become a better place.

We are very much outdoor people and love exploring and the girls absolutely love it too. We took Cocomelon and Blippi on one of our adventures this weekend and Nila said they loved it ! :) 

I love that the toys are embroidered with a green leaf logo which shows they are an eco friendly toy choice. I think these toys are going to be a great way to introduce children to the world of recycling and reusing things and essentially reducing waste too .

There are so many different characters to choose from , not only can you get your own cocomelon or blippi but you can also get Teletubbies,my little pony, Peppa pig and even Barney!.

They retail at £9.99 each and you can pick them up online and in store from the likes of Argos, Morrisons, the range and many more . 

You can also purchase them from the entertainer at 

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