Tuesday 21 June 2022


We are already half way through the year nearly and I don’t know about you,but it has definitely flown by for us.

The girls have their birthdays in May,June and July and then it’s operation Christmas- some might think it’s a little to early but saving for things and finding good deals way before you need them is key when it comes to not breaking the bank.

The years are already expensive with the prices going up for fuel, food and everything else too so any bargains and deal finders I can find all helps :)

Here’s a few things I do to help keep the cost down throughout the year ..

Meal Planning

Meal planning is something I have done for so many years. Grab yourself a pen and paper and check what you have in your cupboards, what meals you can make for the week before you shop. I can guarantee you’ve got at least something to make one or two meals with already in.

We actually went through the freezer last week after impulse buying and found four packets of mince!. So definitely check what you have in and plan your meals ahead of the week :)

Shop Around

This is something I definitely get from my mother. If we need something, or we are shopping for birthdays, days out, absolutely anything, we look around for the best deals.

There are so many amazing sites online that have the best UK hot deals out there. Whether it’s Amazon or home bargains, there is a vast amount of deals that can save you some pennies, in the long run.


Snacks is a word we constantly here at home. Having two children that are never full is a nightmare, if you have kids I know you are nodding reading this.

Make some snacks at home and pop them in tubberware for the week so not only are you saving by making a big batch for the price of one packet of biscuits, they are at hand when your little ones turn into hungry monsters!.


I am an avid competition goer- I love them and they 100% pay off. I’f you have 5 minutes whilst sipping on your morning coffee, enter in a few competitions and giveaways and see what happens.

I have won toys, snacks and even a coffee machine!, incredible right?. Ukdealsandgiveaways have some really cool giveaways, and who doesn’t love winning a freebie :)


I have been selling the girls’ old baby clothes and bits around the house over the past few months and I am so surprised with how well it has gone.

I’ve managed to pay for Nila’s birthday party with the money I have made and and put some in our holiday pot.

I’d love to know if you have any tips and tricks to help save the cost of living , we all know it can be a struggle so I hope these tips help some of you and do share yours too :) 

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