Sunday 19 June 2022


 As industries move forward, so do the skills that their jobs demand. The education system is constantly changing to meet these evolving needs and lessons on areas such as coding have been added to the curriculum.


They give children an insight into how technology and the world around them works whilst helping them to future proof themselves. There are many more benefits to coding lessons for children as a prep school in Hertfordshire shares with us below.

Problem Solving

Coding can help children with their problem solving. It’s an essential skill for them to develop as it can help them in virtually any situation. With coding, they will deal with larger problems and need to break them down in order to tackle them one by one. 

This is a skill that a lot of employers look for, helping them to become more employable regardless of the career that they choose to pursue.  

Maths Practice 

Coding involves maths ability which gives them the opportunity to get better at it and excel. Aside from the subject itself, it can help them to progress within other subjects that involve maths logic like science.


Like other skills, coding is one that your child will have to work at in order to get better. They will need to be persistent and practice patience. As they do, they will see that anything is possible and learn to not give up so easily.

Coding is Fun

Last but not least, coding can be a lot of fun. Children have the opportunity to create whatever they like by applying what they’ve learned and their imagination. That could be something as simple as their first website or their own game.

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