Friday 17 June 2022


 Emotions can be overwhelming sometimes, and your child may experience many of them while growing up. They will go through changes, whether that be in their friendships or school environment, and all of this can bring on difficult emotions. 

A boys’ school in London shares a number of healthy ways in which you can teach your child to deal with them and we have included them below.

Speaking to Someone

It’s not always the easiest thing for a child to do, which is why you should create a safe and trusting environment for them to come to you with their problems. Sometimes it can be easier to speak about your problems with a stranger as there are no set expectations and you can completely open up without fear of judgement.

 If they feel more comfortable with the latter, there are trained child counsellors and therapists to help. For this to work, it’s important that they feel as though they can understand them and they get along. 


Mindfulness refers to the techniques that help individuals bring themselves back to the present moment and focus less on their worries at hand. When these are regarding the past or future, they aren’t particularly helpful and make us feel overwhelmed about the things that we cannot change. 

So, one way that mindfulness helps is by getting us to shift focus and connect with the world around us. This is something that can be done through practising breathing exercises, going for mindful walks and colouring.


Journaling gives children a private outlet to express how they feel and get perspective on things. By doing this, they can challenge their feelings and gain a clearer understanding of their problems.

 They may even be able to solve them by themselves just by taking a step back and looking at them from the point of view of an outsider.

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