Wednesday 15 June 2022


We’ve been slowly making changes to the home and it’s really coming together now. Our bedroom is done, the living room is complete and it’s such a breath of fresh air.

We have even hired a gardener in to completely transform the garden,it’s now time for the girls’ room to each get a makeover.

We love keeping the house white. It’s neutral and perfect for children so as they get older they can change their room by adding and changing up their decor rather than having to repaint over and over again.

Nila is 5 soon and is absolutely obsessed with unicorns and rainbows - they are her absolute favourite and anything she gets,it has to be that theme.

Desenio have such a wide range of wall art on their website. Depending on what you are looking for there is so much there to suit everyone’s taste and current obsessions like rainbows :)

If you are unfamiliar with Desenio, they are a fantastic company that provide the most beautiful pieces of work that help transform any area into a sanctuary. 

They are extremely affordable too with some pieces as little as £4 in their sale section.

We found some beautiful unicorns prints - Nila really had a lot to choose from as they are all so pretty. She wanted the rose gold frames too which is really handy to be able to purchase at the same time as your prints as well. You can even add the wall hooks into your basket!.

If you are a little unsure or new to prints, as I’ve often heard people say where do you start with any kind of feature wall or what will the prints look like together, try out their gallery wall tool, it’s brilliant at designing something without having to spend or waste any money.

Alessia is 13 soon so she is definitely at that stage of her life where she loves black. Everything black, if she had it her way her walls would be black , but we have decided on some black and white prints and fairy lights as a compromise and she loves the ideas we have all come up together.

We have gone with some of the more simple art work from the studio collections on the website and chosen some black frames to go with them.

She’s also chosen a few sizes too so her feature wall will have different sized pieces which I think makes a wall stand out and give it that extra edge.

I can’t wait to get the girls bedrooms sorted and then that’s the whole house done!.

Does anyone else get the itch to revamp?, let me know if you try Desenio out and what prints you pick up :) 

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