Monday 13 June 2022


Having children, you become their provider, their teacher, to show them right from wrong and to also help them grow in life and help them become the best version of themselves they can possibly be.

Following your dreams in life is so important and to have ambition and dreams as child is so amazing. The girls often tell us about their dreams and what they want to do and have in life and it’s lovely to hear.

We love books and I love positive motivational books as an adult, they are one of my favourite reads and I benefit from them so much.

Aspiring books for children that are also stories are actually quite hard to come by and I do struggle finding new content for the children’s bookshelf.

Climb is a lovely addition to their collection. It’s actually based on a dream that a little 6 year old called Martin had.

Little James had saved his pocket money and had his eye on this toy he was besotted with but getting to the toy shop had its challenges and struggles.

The toy shop was at the top of a big hill that James had to climb. The journey wasn’t going to be easy, the hills were tough and the wind was fierce, but James got to the top and he couldn’t believe he was so close to getting the toy .

Sitting beside the toy shop was an old man, a frail man who was in need. He opened out his hand to James, James knew that he only had enough money for his toy and didnt have anything spare to give.

He knew deep down that he didn’t need the toy and that helping out the man was what he felt was the right thing to do and gave the man his pennies.

James set off home sad, and crying but In that moment James had learnt who he was at his core,what he stood for and what was most important to him.

The story is a lovely one that is both tangible and effervescent, exploring the depths of individual morality.

Dreams can be such a life lesson and for as long as I can remember me and the girls have always shared what we’ve dreamed about over breakfast - sometimes they are wild and adventurous and sometimes they are filled with hopes and goals :)

- All profit from this book goes to support The Upward Spiral Foundation, whose purpose is to help people to feel less helpless,hopeless and homeless.



  1. The Climb really does sound like a lovely children's book. I agree, kids learn so much from reading or equally from being read to.

  2. This looks very interesting. I will definitely check this out. Thanks for the review.

  3. I haven't heard of the Upward Spiral Mission but I love their purpose. My dreams have been pretty mild lately. :) Glad to say.