Saturday 11 June 2022


 Summer is just around the corner and it’s our favourite time of the year. We love being out in the sunshine and exploring the outdoors.

We live on the back of a big nature path and reservoir, so bike and scooter rides on a weekend are always fun.

The girls have just had an upgrade on their scooters as the last ones they had were getting small for them and they were super excited to test them out.

LIFERYDER kids scooters are ones that I hadn’t actually come across before so looking on their website I was pleasantly surprised.

They are a family run business in the UK that specialises in children’s scooters and they are so trendy.

The big wheel scooters are great for control and perfect for the nature trails we explore.

Suitable for children aged 5 - 15 which we loved as Nila is 5 and Alessia is 12 and these scooters are perfect for both girls as they have adjustable handlebars and a lightweight frame so all children can control their scooters independently.

The designs and graphics on the scooters are endless, there are so many to choose from and even personalised number plates!.

The scooters are not fast folding which is the only bummer if you are in a rush if I am being honest , but they can be folded for holidays or sticking in the car to take to the park by undoing two bolts and removing one completely using the hex key that is provided.

Nila was a little nervous on our first adventure but she did so well and I was really surprised how confident she was on her scooter which definitely shows how well they are made and how sturdy they are.

She obviously chose the unicorn design - which actually matches her favourite dress :)

Lessie went for more of a graphite design and her friends think she has the coolest scooter in the playground.

We spent two hours scootering around, got some ice cream and then headed to the little cow shed for some milkshake.

It’s been a lovely weekend outside and the girls are absolutely knackered now :)

-Gifted scooters in exchange for a post 

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  1. Those scooters look fab and it sounds like your girls have had a lot of fun on them. The designs on them are so cute and it's a great way to get them outside x