Thursday 23 June 2022



Forest schools adopt an outdoor education delivery model and take a child centred approach to learning. They encourage children to take the lead and make their own discoveries about the world around them. Despite their name, there is no physical school. 

The term “forest school” doesn’t refer to bricks and mortar but the natural environment in which they learn. The reason why many schools decide to take this approach to teaching is to help children in their holistic development. It helps them to build confidence, creativity and promotes independence. We have teamed up with a beach school in Worthing to share more on the benefits for children.

Problem Solving Skills

As children take control of their own learning and explore, they are able to encounter problems of their own and apply their thinking skills. They will need their creativity and critical thinking to decide on the best solutions - great practice for later on in life.

Mental Health

Our mental health can be greatly improved by spending time outdoors. It gives us clarity as the environment is refreshing and helps us to be mindful of our surroundings. Studies have found that children are happier when they are outdoors too. 

They feel less stressed than they do when in a traditional classroom setting and this is because of nature. The colour green that we see around us has calming effects which helps to relieve anxiety.

Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills are the skills needed to use the larger muscles of the body. They help us to climb, walk and run. Outdoor learning gets children active and doing all of those mentioned can help them to become stronger and more capable.


As outdoor learning gives children control, they are able to develop confidence and self-belief.

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