Friday 3 June 2022


 Skincare has been my absolute favourite thing for the longest time. If you have been here for a while then you will know I swear by routines and they do 100% work.

Building a routine can be the hardest thing , whether it be skincare, a healthy diet or adding a walk into your day- building that new habit can be difficult so I’ve come up with some tips that have helped me.


I know what you are thinking, creams , day and night , eye creams , face wash , toner - the list goes on. Keep it Simple.

Start with a cream that you can use for both day and night, a facial cleanser , toner and that’s it!. It’s not as complex as it all sounds :)


Skincare can be expensive, but it is also really affordable. Depending on your budget, you can have the best skincare range for your skin on a budget that suits your purse.

There are so many dupes too which work exactly the same so don’t think big bucks straight away, there really isn’t any need . 


Skin is a funny thing. It comes in all different forms and can a bit of a pain to figure out what skin type you have. It can be trial and error if you are trying out different products to see how you react, but there are a few questionnaires online that can help you determine which skin type you have too.  


Now you’ve got everything you need , this is where people try and give it .You’ve got this !.

Set an alarm 20 minutes before you normally wake up and call your alarm Skincare- trust me , this works !.

Get up, do your skincare and put the kettle on :)

First morning is done. Do the same with the evening, set an alarm for after dinner or 20 minutes before your show starts, then go upstairs do your skincare and then settle down for the night.

It takes around 30 days to form a habit so keep at it and I guarantee you , you’ll have skincare routine in no time :)

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