Sunday 5 June 2022


 We all know I love me a quick protein bar, they are an easy grab and go for after the gym or for a quick pre - workout snack.

If you are trying to save some pennies and working on a budget then the grab and go option can become expensive.

I’ve made up a batch of quick an easy protein bars made from cereal which are not only super affordable, they also taste delicious and you have a batch in your fridge on the hand!.

For these I have used protein cereal which is so much easy then adding in protein powder. Plus the Surreal range of high protein cereals are SO good and they come in a range of different flavours.

I’ve used the frosted ones in this recipes as they are definitely my favourite!.

For this batch of five, I’ve used 90grams of cereal, pop that in a bowl, add in 3 tablespoons of agave nectar or honey , one tablespoon of peanut butter and mix!

This bit is where the magic happens and it all combines together- you can, to make things a little easier, melt the peanut butter slightly first, it’s entirely upto you.

After the cereal is fully coated, transfer it all into a loaf tin lined with greaseproof paper and flatten it down.

Melt some chocolate spread of your choice and drizzle on top, I’ve used some protein chocolate spread here,but I’m definitely using biscoff in my next recipe :)

Pop it into the freezer for two hours then take out, cut up and enjoy!.

Leave them in the fridge and use them up within 7 days - they didn’t last that long in this house :)

Let me know if you recreate this recipe and what you think!


  1. Such a great idea, fun to make, tasty and saving money too. I will have to get the kids to make some over the summer hols

  2. That cereal bars look so yummy! Can I ask for the recipe, too?

  3. Looks like a good way to get your protein in. I wouldn't mind trying these.