Wednesday 1 June 2022


We are in full swing of preparing for the Jubilee and as usually our street are all ready with their banners and decorations :)

The girls have wanted to get involved this year so we’ve been making crafts and also done some baking for the weekend.

We have been using Outschool for the last few months and have continued with their lessons and classes as the girls really enjoy them.

If you haven’t heard of them then they are an online learning and fun platform of teachers that provide lessons straight to your home .

We have done quite a few and have recently found a whole range of jubilee sessions including learning about the royal family , creative writing and baking!.

We signed up for the jubilee fairy cupcake class as Alessia loves baking and is really missing her after school baking club as it has finished now .

The sessions are really easy to sign up to, sign up the kiddies and they will have their own account with their interests , which does help with giving you suggested ideas for classes or you can search for what type of class you would like and then join that way.

You will get an email just to remind you of the lesson and time it is and also any supplies you will need is all there for you to get ready before hand.

The groups are never really big and so welcoming. Alessia loves making new friends on Outschool and there are children from all over the world joining in which is so lovely .

The jubilee baking class was fantastic. The teacher started off with some history behind the Jubilee which was really interesting. 

The children got stuck into baking and the step by step instructions from the teacher was fantastic, really engaging and they are there to help any of the children that were struggling.

They also did a food quiz which was really fun too!.

We are all set with our jubilee cakes , we have done a taste test and they are absolutely delicious 10/10!.

If you want to get yourself £15 credit to use on some lessons then use my link and go to and use my code : CvejEsbq .

Do let me know what sessions your little ones try out and I hope you have as much fun as we have !


  1. The cakes look great. I haven't baked anything myself for this weekend but I did treat myself to some Jubilee-themed biscuits from Biscuiteers, which were lovely.

  2. Outschool sounds interesting. I've not heard of them before. It sounds perfect for those that homeschool or kids that need a boost.

  3. These cakes look out of this world, wow!!! I love that the teacher is teaching kids how to cook or bake, that is a fantastic idea....

  4. How cool! I've wanted to try Outschool for my kiddo! I might just try it this summer.

  5. Jubilee cupcake making, that sounds like a great class to join onto. Your cupcakes came out lovely x

  6. These look so delicious and pretty! What a lovely way to celebrate!