Saturday 23 July 2022


 The summer is here, schools have broken up for the summer and now it’s time to keep your children entertained for the next few weeks! Here are 5 you can try out this summer as recommended by this prep school in Richmond.

1. Make a scrapbook of summer memories

Keeping a log of what your child gets up to each year can help them look back on the best memories in their lifetimes. Have plenty of activities in store for your child and get them to take pictures ready to be printed out. Then they can stick in a scrapbook and draw on them or add their own bits of art to make it their own.

2. Bring out the paddling pool

Using paddling pools can allow kids to explore water play, cool off in the heat and learn to find a love for being in the water. You can use a range of water play tools to educate them in the world of handling the different feelings of water and the science behind it.

3. Gardening

A classic is always getting your child to help out with the gardening. A sunny place is going to need a lot of garden maintenance, so get your kids involved in handling responsibility and giving them their own tasks to look after.

4. Maths games with chalk

Use your backyard pavement or the drive to draw on the ground and draw out some sums for your child to work out. Or use it to play hopscotch in another way to help your child work on their maths skills.

5. Baking a cake

Making a cake is always a quick and easy thing to put together, which is why it’s a timeless favourite with kids. Get them involved in the making and putting in the oven, and enjoy the treats afterwards!

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