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A common question parents ask themselves is when is the best time to leave their children at home. There are common guidelines, but there are also some of your own intuition involved as well. 

Here are some ways you can help work out when it is best to leave your child alone as recommended by Kensington Park School.

The recommended guidelines

Your child should not be left at all when they’re under teenage years (13). They may be able to be left for an hour or so at the time but only if you believe they are capable of handling things on their own for a short while. 

Of course at a very young age they should be in your sight at all times.

Your child’s own capabilities

When your child is older they are going to have to start picking up more responsibilities around the home. Giving them the chance to take responsibility early on means they’ll be more than capable of handling what you’re asking them to do, and it helps your child learn how they can be much more helpful around the home.


If you give your child the feeling of responsibilities, chores and ways to handle their independence from a young age, they’re more likely to handle being left on their own.

 It’s tempting to feel like you’re coddling your child to a degree, but also means your child has limited time to explore the world around them for themselves. Similarly, you won’t be able to get as much free time as you’d hoped.

Try short bursts at a time

It’s not wise to leave your child for several hours when you’re giving them a first go at leaving them at home on their own. 

Try an hour at a time to build up their tolerance and they’ll become used to being asked to hang around on their own.













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