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Norfolk is a county in East Anglia famous for its medieval churches, picturesque towns, several miles of stunning beaches, and numerous cultural experiences. A visit to this non-metropolitan county is well-suited for couples who want to relax away from the bustling cities and modern skyscrapers. Whether you're looking to enjoy a glamping adventure with your loved one or explore royal holiday homes, you will find it in Norfolk. 

Below, check out the top romantic places to visit in Norfolk.

  1. The Broads National Park 

The Broads National Park is one of the UK's national parks. These parks are protected due to their exceptional landscape and an incredible variety of wildlife. A true haven for nature lovers, it offers various opportunities for outdoor activities, from walking to cycling, fishing, wildlife watching, and camping. There are also glamping sites with a hot tub you can book in Great Ellingham suitable for couples who prefer to enjoy some luxury while surrounded by nature. 

You will find many interesting places within the Broads worth a visit, such as the historic buildings, nature reserves, gardens, museums, and children's activity centres. It consists of shallow lakes that formed during the Medieval times when they dug the peat for fuel use. As time went by, water levels rose, and the peat diggings were flooded and eventually covered with water, forming the broads. 

The Broads is also home to various plants and wildlife, including more than a quarter of the UK's rare species, including the Norfolk hawker dragonfly, the swallowtail butterfly, and other species found nowhere else in Britain. The Broads Authority is overseeing the Broads National Park.

  1. Walsingham Abbey

With its tranquil and scenic grounds, the Walsingham Abbey is one of Norfolk's most romantic places. The grounds surrounding the historic house are home to the spectacular ruins of the Priory of Our Lady of Walsingham. 

In early spring, the grounds of the Walsingham Abbey are covered with swathes of naturalised snowdrops, making it look even more magical. Come late spring, vibrant coloured daffodils and bluebells fill the grounds. While in summer, it then turns into a scenic green leafy haven of peace and tranquillity. As you stroll hand in hand on the grounds, you will find the Norman arch from where you can see the twin wells and bath. These holy wells have been there since 1061. In 1805, the Norman arch was moved from the infirmary ruins to its present location. 

Another attraction you'll find at the grounds of the Walsingham Abbey is the Pack Horse Bridge, a bridge across the River Stiffkey that's a beautiful example of an early 19th-century medieval bridge. Walsingham holds a long history of religious pilgrimage dating back to the 11th Century.

  1. Thetford Forest Park

The Thetford Forest Park is Great Britain's largest pine forest and is set right in the heart of East Anglia's Breckland region. The forest stretches from Norfolk's south to the north of Suffolk and consists mainly of heathland with broadleaved trees and pines. It's a vast park, offering a haven for plants and wildlife, covering more than 19,000 hectares.

The Thetford Forest's tranquil atmosphere makes it one of Norfolk's most romantic sites. It also offers educational and recreational facilities, along with regular concerts, usually organised by the Forestry Commission. The land was bought by the Forestry Commission after the First World War and was established to provide timber reserves since the country lost several oak trees and other slow-growing trees during the war. Since then, the forest is being managed by the Forestry Commission. 

There's so much for couples to see and do in the park. Here, you will find several miles of hiking trails. There are also cycling trails and opportunities to go horseback riding. In fact, you can explore the entire forest on a horse, except for the Stanford Battle Area. Given its breathtaking landscapes, the Thetford Forest is also an ideal place to visit for those fond of birdwatching and photography.

  1. Cromer 

Although Cromer is popular for families looking for a fun seaside escape, it's also an ideal destination for couples seeking a romantic getaway in Norfolk. This beautiful town is home to beautiful sandy beaches, with some beaches ideal for surfing. There are also great museums and several other attractions to visit. 

Cromer is a traditional seaside resort town made famous by Banksy's Great British Spraycation artwork, the Cromer Pier. The pier withstood tidal surges and many storms and is a perfect example of Victorian architecture. There are many activities to enjoy in the town, but for couples who love to walk, they can go for a romantic hike along the Norfolk Coast Path.

Close to the shore is Britain's Great Barrier Reef, which was part of the Deep History Coast. It was formed during the Mesozoic era when dinosaurs still roam on Earth. At 20 miles long, it's the longest barrier reef in the world - a wonderful place to go snorkelling and swimming. There are many things to enjoy in Cromer that you might want to spend several nights or more to soak up everything. And if you decide to stay for several nights, consider staying in any of the characterful Norfolk cottages close to the town.

  1. Holkham 

Holkham is famous for its stunning beaches and the impressive Palladian Hall, one of the grandest stately homes in the UK, owned by Thomas Coke, the eighth Earl of Leicester. 

Couples looking for a romantic beach getaway in Norfolk should go to Holkham Bay. In fact, the beach is one of the main reasons why visitors would flock here. The beach is a sweeping cove about four miles long, with pure white sands and rolling dunes. It became even popular when Gwyneth Paltrow was pictured elegantly walking at the beach during low tide while filming some scenes from the movie "Shakespeare In Love."

Sandwiched between the shoreline and the pine forest is a horseshoe-shaped basin. It fills up at high tide, transforming into a refreshing shallow lagoon where you can take a dip.

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