Saturday 6 August 2022


 The Summer holidays are in full swing here and we have been having some lovely days out - we’ve been the park , to the swimming pool, the cinema, it’s been a lovely first two weeks.

With Alessia turning 13, she has started going out with her friends alone, especially now the sun is shining, they all want to meet up for picnics in the park and fun days out and I think it’s such an important thing for teenagers to do.

They learn responsibility, Independence and most importantly life skills.

Keeping safe is something we always talk to Alessia about and ways in which we can keep safe with rules , precautions and emergency plans.

It’s definitely a topic that some parents are worried to talk about with their children so avoid it completely but talking openly with your child about safety is giving them that extra knowledge and almost a head start for when something dangerous might be occurring.


The first one is checking in - Alessia checks in with us every hour, just so we know she is ok and she’s having fun whilst she’s out. Just a quick I love you or I’m ok .

Making sure her phone is fully charged. There has been a few times she’s gone out without her phone fully charged and I haven’t been able to get hold of her - yes , panic always sets in.

Numbers of friends now comes into play with the above one. If her phone is going to run out of battery for whatever reason , I have the numbers of the friend she is with, or she will message me/ ring me off her friends number to let me know.

A device tracker has become so popular over the last year and rightly so. Some children don’t have mobile phones so a tracker would be ideal.

Alessia always goes out with her backpack so she puts hers in there , but they are small enough for pockets too and it’s just that extra bit of safety that keeps your mind at ease.

The PAJ find and protect is really easy to use and set up.Starting at just €4.17 per month, all the benefits of the GPS tracker can be used indefinitely. The built in M2M SIM card will find the best connection in over 100 countries.

The battery has a 20 day life span, 40 days in standby mode. It has an SOS button, radius alarm and other alarm features. It is splash proof too and what I love the most is the last 100 days history can be looked up too.

I’d love to know if your children play out and what if any precautions you take, do share them with us :) 

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