Wednesday 10 August 2022


It’s no secret that my one true love is coffee,especially during the summer holidays. If you have little ones too then you will know a coffee first thing is the only way us mama’s are going to get through the day right?.

Iced coffee has been my go to for the last few weeks and with another heat wave on the way,I thought I’d share with you my iced coffee recipe, thanks to Coffee Friend .

They cater for ALL coffee lovers - coffee beans, capsules, pods, whether that’s Nespresso or Dolce Gousto ,instant , ground- you name it, they have it :)

They are really affordable too and quite often have a deal on. I’ve been using them for the past year or so and absolutely love them.

So first thing you want to do is get your coffee ready. I use the Nespresso compatible pods from Coffee friend, they have a few different flavours.

Leave that aside to cool for a few minutes whilst you get your cup and ice ready. Ice in your cup first, along with any syrup you might want. I always add one pump of caramel as I don’t like it to sweet.

Add your coffee then a splash of milk and stir / perfect!.

Now to sit in the garden with a good book and soak up the sunshine.

Let me know how your summer is going and if you’ve tried Coffee Friend before :)

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