Sunday 14 August 2022


Summer is definitely a time for a skincare change up. I love beauty and skincare bits and I am always up for trying out new products.Some new stuff that I have tried out over the summer and I’m absolutely loving!. I thought I’d share some of my must haves for the summer with you :)

I always get puffy eyes in the summer, I don’t know why, could be the heat but Natura Siberica have a fantastic range of skincare products including eye patches and I love their refreshing eye patches.

Sip my morning coffee whilst these bad boys get to work and they make my under eyes feel and look so rejuvenated, and … they don’t slide off your face! Perfect :)

Most importantly is SPF isn’t it?. It goes without saying doesn’t it but I know so many people that don’t use it on their face. 

My new go to is the MONAT sun veil daily mineral SPF 30. I’m quite particular with face SPF and I tend to break out but this one is absolutely gorgeous on the skin.

Lightweight and smells amazing , and a little goes a long way.I’ve got a lovely tan on my face and it’s definitely down to this beauty :) 

If I do ever break out in the summer then the one and only sudacream sorts them out every time. Just pop a little bit on your pimple over night and it reduces it SO much!. 

The weather has been lush in the UK and after being in the sun I love a good body butter, after care is essential for keeping a good tan.

Arran have a lovely thick body butter range. The one I am currently using is their brand new scent , after the rain, it smells insane and is super nourishing!.

 Dry lips this time of year is awful isn’t it . A house full of girls, we love a lip balm and the SO pout balm  is our favourite. Mixed berries flavour, yum!.

Keeping hydrated is so important for the skin, especially at this time of year. I pop my Zooki collagen into my water and I can 100% tell you that since adding collagen into my regime over the last year I have noticed such a difference to my hair and skin.

I love my evening skincare routine and a mist is something I like to use in the evening to wind down after a long day. I absolutely love the age defying hydration mist from Hemsley.

Packed full of all the goodness your skin needs -and what I love so much about this is that it is infused with Reiki which gives that deeper sense of energy and well-being. 

I’ve recently started reiki classes so I’m even more in love with this :) 

I hope you are looking after your skin this summer and do let me know what your summer beauty must haves are …

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