Saturday 17 September 2022


 The living room is undoubtedly the room where we spend most of our free time at home.The focal point, of course the sofa which gives us a place to relax undisturbed after a busy day!.

However in order for it to fulfil its function perfectly and meet our needs, we need to pay attention to its selection.What to look out for? The shape of the seat.Two-seater, three-seater, corner or U-shaped. Sofas can take many different forms. Often the composition and spaciousness of the living room is the main factor in the choice, but also remember it’s up to your personal choice & what you find most comfortable. Corner sofas fill spacious rooms very well and provide plenty of seating, while simple sofas with two or three seats complement a smaller space very well. We also love modular options, too, for a truly customisable experience!

With or without storage?

If you're struggling for storage space in your home, a sofa that has it built in will come in handy. Each sofa has a storage space designed a little differently, so it's up to you which option you opt for. Sofas with storage can, however, compromise on both comfort and looks - they tend to look ‘blocky’. If you don’t need the extra storage, a sofa without will be the ideal choice.

Bed or no bed?

Do you need somewhere to put your family or friends who come to visit you from time to time, but don't have a spare room? A sofa bed is a must for you - but you knew that already. As with storage, sofa beds can sacrifice comfort over practicality. Stay away from the more basic sofa beds that simply fold down - you will find sitting on these very uncomfortable, and the middle groove usually makes them uncomfortable to sleep on, too. They’ll do in a pinch, or as an extra option, just avoid making them your main seating area! Instead, choose one that pulls out, or a corner sofa that creates a large double bed. Remember, whatever you choose will be extra heavy & difficult to manoeuvre!

Material matters

When choosing a sofa, the material from which the cover is made also plays an important role. Each material has slightly different properties and requires different care. Especially if you have pets or small children, you should pay extra attention to this! Very popular options include velvet or corduroy, which are very pleasant to the touch but sometimes difficult to clean. If you prefer a well-washable sofa, leather or more affordable eco-leather would be a good choice. However, such sofas can be a little less pleasant to sit on, especially on hot summer days, as they are less breathable.

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