Thursday 15 September 2022


This week has been the busiest week I have had in a while,it has all been go go and it’s definitely been a productive one too.

The kids are back to school and the house is slowing looking less like a bomb has hit it, can anyone else relate?.

Yesterday I had a zoom meeting about a project manager role and I got the position. It is definitely a breath of fresh air and something that I am really looking forward to starting!.

I have been self employed and running my own blog for nearly 6 years now and I absolutely love it but it does get a little lonely and isolating so this will be really fun and something completely new.

I start next week so I’ve decided to sit down and do a little re-focusing, almost a bit of a life reset- if you have followed me for a while you will know I love a bit of organising and planning and routine is key for me.

I work from home so time for the housework, gym, working , and everything else in between as well as the little ones can become over whelming but honestly if you have structure and a routine in place, it works like a dream!.

Meal planning is back on the cards. I started this week after checking what we had in and it saves so much time and money, I had a full week of dinners in the freezer with just a few ingredients I had to buy.

Meal prepping lunches too as I have been going to Starbucks after my morning gym session to work. I find getting out of the house to work sometimes is needed as my brain gets foggy in the house and the motivation just leaves me ! :)

This weekend I’m planning on gutting out the house ready for a fresh new week, and also getting ahead start for Christmas- anyone else do a big clear out of the kiddie’s toys to make room?.

It’s got to be the worst chore ever hasn’t it, but I’m hoping to get most of the bedrooms done at least.Nothing better than a clear head and a clear home :)

I hope the summer holidays have been fun and you’ve enjoyed the sunshine. Also if you are taking on anything new this September I’d love to hear about it :)

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