Tuesday 13 September 2022



Creative play is something I encourage and have done with the children from a small age. Whether its building things with cardboard boxes or pretending to be pirates, it is one of the best forms of play.

Stickle bricks have been around for as long as I can remember. I use to love them as a child and I would spend hours with my brother making little forts for our people, we were in our element.

 I couldn’t get enough of stickle bricks , and all three girls have absolutely loved them too and we have the biggest collection known to man kind - not even an exaggeration!.

Stick,stack and construct the different Stickle bricks together to make bright and colourful creations, vehicles, which is our favourite to do :)

The set includes lots of different special bricks like wheels for your cars,faces to make people out of so there is never a boring moment .

Stickle bricks are so easy to use , they are great for hand eye co ordination and helps little ones with their concentration .

Imagination runs wild when building and creating and we have hours of fun with stickle . They have been around for decades and still one of the most popular children’s toys!.

‘Run, run as fast as you can , you can’t catch me I’m the stickle brick man’. Making stickle brick people is always super fun and all the pieces slot together with ease.

The fun tub is one of my favourites too as it doubles up as a storage box so after an afternoon of play, the little ones can tidy up by themselves which encourages that little bit of independence which children absouletly love .

They are aimed at children aged 18months + and can be purchased from The Entertainer . The perfect start to your Christmas shopping :) 

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