Friday 9 September 2022


When I am looking to visit an area or we are off on holiday somewhere, finding things to do beforehand is key for me.I love planning the days so we're not stuck with nothing to do.

We all love a simple day out at the park or a lazy day but making memories and finding new places to visit is something we love to do as a family .

I automatically turn to google to find the best places in that area.We live in Staffordshire so I thought I would share with you our 5 favourite places to go to here.

 First on the list is Alton Towers, its somewhere we have been every year for the as long as I can remember. It’s seasonal as well so there is something going on throughout the year, whether it’s Halloween you are into or the summer.

Nila has really enjoyed the Cbeebies land area this year and they have a new David Walliams part too so there is fun for all ages. My children range from 5 to 19 and we all manage to have the best time.

Buyagift have some great offers when it comes to days out like Alton Towers. They are great for presents too. I have a few days out stashed away in my rainy day cupboard :)

They have a voucher for two entries to Alton Towers at a great price, so definitely look into them as i know we are all looking to save some pennies at the moment.

Flip out is a place we have been to many times. The girls love it there and its not only for children but for adults too. A place full of trampolines - what more could you ask for to wear the kiddies out before bed!. 

I am always on the look out for new places, and if its free then even better. We love going on walks and using the national trust trails when we can, there are so many of them!.

Tittisworth Reservoir is a new place we found over the summer holidays.It has a lovely park, a sand area and the lake itself. 

Take some nets and go fishing, we really enjoyed spending time here, and if you are like us and love a muddy walk too, pack your wellies during the autumn time.

They also have a coffee shop to warm yourself up during the colder months or you can take some sandwiches and a flask of tea. Definitely one for a nice long day in nature.

Zoos are always a fun one aren't they?, an all round pleaser. The Monkey Forest in Trentham is an amazing day trip. The monkeys roam free amongst your feet and it really is something quite special seeing them out in the open.

They also have seasonal activities, so easter trails , halloween pumpkin crafts, depending what time of year you go, so look on the website for more information during the time you are booking. 

Id love to know if you visit Staffordshire and what places you see. Do let me know if you find anymore amazing days out :)

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