Wednesday 7 September 2022


 Nila’s love for her dummy is definitely no secret , it’s been the biggest comfort for her than anything else she has had.

If she’s been sad she wants her dummy , tired? wants her dummy, watching a film, wants her dummy,so although she is now 5, getting rid of it has been such a dread of mine!.

The past year we have stopped it during the day l and only used it for her to settle for bed and that’s been quite an easy transition thank god, it’s the bedtime routine that I have been dreading.

Five days ago, I put her to bed and she fell asleep without it. She didn’t ask for it or even notice she didn’t have it,she was that tired she fell straight asleep and I knew this was probably the best time to try and get rid of it.

So I cut them up that morning as I knew I would no doubt give in if she cried, it’s a good job I cut them up! :)

Second night she cried for them and I said they were lost , it did take a while but she eventually fell asleep without it.

The next day I gave a lot of praise for being a big girl and not needing her dummy. She was so chuffed with herself, my heart strings!.

Third night she had a tiny cry and asked me to try and find them the next day for her.

Last night she said she was going to look for them herself and I reminded her that we didn’t need them anymore and she went straight to sleep ,no crying ,just snuggles and a book.

I am feeling all the emotions as I think the dummies were the last step of babyhood for me and Nila is my last baby and it almost seems like it’s the next chapter for us both .

Big girl stuff now :)

If you are looking to get rid of the dummy and you really don’t think you can , honestly try it.Nila has completely shocked us all and with a little bit of encouragement she has done it in 5 days!.

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