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If you think a bed’s a bed, think again. There are over a dozen bed styles to choose from, and it’s essential to choose wisely because your bed dictates the style, ambience, and flow of your bedroom more than any other element. From classical wooden beds to ornate beds and beds with high headboards, there’s plenty to mull over. Sifting through the noise isn’t easy, but we’re here to help with a list of the 8 most popular bed styles (based on our sales!).

Read on to see if you can find the perfect match:

1.    Ornate metal beds

Ornate metal beds have an interesting foot and headboard, such as the Julian Bowen Rebecca’s bowed top rail and the Birlea Atlas’s antique brass finials. These bed frames are traditional yet classy – perfect for any eclectic bedroom.

However, our favourite ornate beds are made from brass or brass-effect metal, such as the Harmony Beds Elizabeth, which has a real sense of grandeur.

Pictured: Harmony Beds Elizabeth 4FT 6 Double Brass Bed Frame, Available from Bedstar. The Online Bed Superstore.



2.    Scandi beds

Scandi beds are inspired by Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian designs, with clean lines, functional shapes, and simple materials. The Nordic Mill range is a perfect example, made from the finest Scandinavian pine.

What makes a bed Scandi? It needs to be simple, elegant, functional, and wooden. The Serene Lincoln and Flintshire Pentre are great examples – these beds sit low to the ground and deliver a natural aura of elegance.

Pictured: Flintshire Pentre Bed Frame, Available from Bedstar. The Online Bed Superstore.

3.    Sleigh beds

Sleigh beds have curved or scrolled footboards and headboards, thus resembling a sledge or sleigh. They are a luxury option with a classic appearance, available wooden or covered in upholsteries like leather and velvet.

For example, the Orb double fabric sleigh bed has a silvery velvet base and elegant, buttoned scrolls. You can also get sleigh beds with an ottoman base or drawers like the Birlea Valentino, making them a top choice for extra storage space.

Pictured: Orb 4FT 6 Double Fabric Bed Frame - Silver Velvet, Available from Bedstar. The Online Bed Superstore.

4.    Ottoman beds

‘Ottoman’ is not a style but a type of bed base. Ottomans have a wooden platform with a mattress platform on a gas strut. You can lift the mattress base and use the whole underside of the bed as storage (perfect for small bedrooms).

A sleigh ottoman like the Milan Bed Company Lucerne is a timeless option, or you can go for a modern base like the Cassia Ottoman.  

 Pictured: Milan Bed Company Lucerne 4FT 6 Double Ottoman Bed. Available from Bedstar. The Online Bed Superstore.

5.    Scalloped beds

Scalloped beds have a scalloped headboard that resembles the shape of a scallop shell. The radiant shape lends itself perfectly to feminine bedrooms, but choosing a grey colour like that of the LPD Willow unlocks versatility for any space.

If you’re not a fan of the scallop shape but like the idea of deep headboard indentations, the Birlea Clover will be right up your street.

Pictured: LPD Willow 3FT Single Fabric Bed Frame – Grey, Available from Bedstar. The Online Bed Superstore.


6.    High headboard beds

High headboard beds like the Rose Ottoman have a tall headboard perfect for accommodating a thick mattress over 30cm. They also provide lots of padding and comfort – ideal if you sit up and read a lot.

One of our favourite high headboard beds is the Giltedge Florida, which has side drawers for storage and multiple fabric options, including velvet.



Pictured: Giltedge Beds Florida Fabric Bed Frame, Available from Bedstar. The Online Bed Superstore.

7.    Contemporary beds

Contemporary beds have a sleek profile, a low footboard to maximise space, and geometric detailing. A perfect example is the Time Living Braunston, which sits low to the floor with a gorgeous grey outer fabric and metallic legs.

Another contemporary bed we adore is the Julian Bowen Sanderson, which has a tall, plush headboard with gorgeous diamond stitching.

8.    Poster beds

Poster beds are dwindling in popularity due to taking up lots of vertical space, which makes bedrooms appear smaller. However, a poster bed is a great choice to create a sense of grandeur and class if you have high ceilings.

Four-poster beds have vertical columns (one in each corner) that support fabric panels – ideal for keeping flies and bugs at bay. Poster beds were created to trap heat and make people feel warmer in cold castles.







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