Monday 19 September 2022


 The colder months are definitely on their way and there is nothing I love more than to make wholesome ,hearty home cooked meals for the family.

We have a busy life in terms of work and rarely get that day to do the food shop. I feel like everyone has their certain days they go shopping but for us, it almost seems like a million little top up shops or bits as and when we can.

I came across Swaledale who are an online butchers and what a fantastic idea. Ive had meal subscription boxes in the past to make life a little easier but an online butchers is definitely something we could do with.

Swaledale butchers is a strictly whole-carcass, nose-to-tail butchers based in Yorkshire. 

There goal is not to achieve the highest yielding carcasses. It is simply to produce products that are exceptional to cook and eat - be it a piece of beef or pork from their Himalayan salt room, a cured pig’s cheek smoked over beech, or something from their award-winning range of sausages, for which they grind whole spices- in house daily.

We placed an order full of delicious meat including steaks , a beautiful piece of lamb, beef , bacon lardons for a creamy carbonara and plenty of mince.

Great for batch cooking and also freezing too, so you could do a monthly shop and meal prep and plan your meals over the next 4 weeks around the meat you have purchased.

The meat and dishes we have made with the produce from Swaledale butchers has been absolutely gorgeous and would definitely recommend for an easy and hassle free option when it comes to buying your meat .

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