Wednesday 21 September 2022


 Reading is one of the most enriching activities for children. It can help them to come on leaps and bounds in their reading, writing, and speaking skills as it introduces them to new words and expands their vocabulary. They can develop and enhance their comprehension skills as through books, they are introduced to new concepts and must make sense of them.

Here are more benefits to reading from a prep school in Reigate.

Developing Empathy

 As children grow up, they are more aware of the world around them and start to form their own beliefs. Just as they have theirs, it’s important that they understand that others do too and to be mindful and respectful of them. Having awareness of this can be helpful in broadening their view of the world and encouraging them to consider new perspectives.

Books are a good tool as authors write about a range of different characters and they each have their own personalities and views. The Ability to Read Faster of course, with practice, your child will become a better reader. This means that they will be able to read faster and scan through text. A useful skill to have for exams when you’re against the clock.

Improved General Knowledge

 Through the books that they read, your child will learn new things and they can help them in broadening their understanding of the world. Libraries also have books spanning a whole range of genres so there’s plenty that they can learn.

Relaxation and Sleep

Books are just the thing when you need to fall asleep. This is because it’s a relaxing activity and supposedly, the movement of your eyes tires the muscles, helping you to fall asleep.

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