Friday 23 September 2022


Crafts have always been a big hit in this house . The girls love getting elbow deep in the caddy with paints , stickers and all sorts of mess.

I know some parents hate the thought of mess and crafts and the aftermath can be a nightmare if that’s not what you are into, but I have found you the perfect mess free fun for your little ones - Paint pop paint sticks.

If you’ve not heard of them before then they are paint sticks from Trends UK. They are the perfect little things to start getting creative and having fun ,mess free.

They super bright and dry really fast- in under a minute which is perfect for all them little ones that hate waiting for their pictures to dry before showing them off!.

The paint pop paint sticks are really easy to use. Pop the lid off and twist like a glue stick and you are ready to go.

They are the perfect size and chunky for smaller hands to hold.Great for hand eye coordination and fine motor skills too.

Nila’s been loving their paint creation station and all it’s features. It’s really easy to set up, with the lid as it clicks in with ease.Then you have the clips on one side to slot your paper in so you can paint and save your pictures  :)

The other side is for when all the paper runs out … you know what I mean :) - you’ve also got a really cute monster googly eyed cloth to wipe the paint sticks and recreate over and over again.

This station also comes with a pack of 6 sticks to start you up with and paper too!.

They also have cute little starter fun tub set for £12.99.All sets can be picked up from Argos

I’ve got a giveaway running for one of my readers to win a fun tub set for your little ones. To enter clicked below and follow the requirements :)

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