Tuesday 25 October 2022


Nila’s baby collection just keeps getting bigger and we’ve been absolutely loving the new Super Cute Little Babies from Flair GP.

Have you heard of them before?. They are little babies that are on a mission to protect the plant!.

All of them have super powers that will help protect the environment and teach children how to love the planet we are living on - I love this message :)

Nila received Sofi with little cutie pigtails and gorgeous  blond hair with the super power of controlling the plants.

There are five to collect …

Kala - who can control the water 

Gabi- who can control the sun

Regi- who can control the ice 

Sisi who can control the wind

Just one sip on their bottles and they transform into super babies ready to take on the world !. The light on their tummy will start to shine and that’s when you know they are ready for action!

They all come with 2 in 1 capes which change into a bib, eye mask, hair brushes , their magic bottle , cute little dummy and a whole lot of fun.

You can pick up your very own super cute babies from Tesco or the entertainer.

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