Friday 21 October 2022


 With having three girls, our house has definitely had its fair share of dolls over the years. You name the doll, we have probably had it, but i think we have found the best ones yet! :)

The BeKind dolls are definitely one that you haven’t come across before and you are going to love them.

The dolls are made from recycled materials with sustainable fashion accessories- even the ink on the packaging is made from soybeans!.

You can cut out and play with the packaging, amazing right?.Nila loves cutting at the minute so she loved cutting out all the recycled packaging which doubles up as more accessories!.

So absolutely nothing here is going to waste and it’s honestly one of the best things for children I have seen in such a long time, and what a great way to talk to your child about recycling and the Earth.

Even the handle is a bracelet or hair tie..

The dolls themselves are beautiful and not generic, I know we all think the same thing with dolls. The BeKind dolls are really adorable and have the most kindest faces.

They have some really lovely additional accessories inside including a little Earth pet, hair brush and some felt stickers which have taken pride in Nila’s secret diary .

Nora,Brianna,Marie,Koral and more of the cute BeKind gang to collect .

I  think these are going to make the perfect gifts this Christmas.

You can pick your very own from Amazon, Argos and some Tesco stores.

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