Wednesday 19 October 2022


 It’s no secret that I absolutely love working out and going to the gym. I’ve not always had a love for it and would quite happily go the whole week without doing any kind of exercise and it didn’t even cross my mind.

Over the past year I’ve started going to the gym, working out from home and also doing classes and honestly ,it has been a game changer. 

Not only for my physical health but my mental health too.

5 reasons why I go to the gym …


I have been on a weight loss journey over the past few years and managed to lose in total nearly 3 stone. I feel so much better for it, but with weight loss comes a less toned body and since working out regularly I am more toned and defined :)


A gym membership doesn’t just mean weight loss. Strength training is what I love the most and it helps build muscle and strength, feeling stronger than I ever did.

We’re not getting any younger and looking after your body throughout your life will definitely benefit you in the long run.


I have talked about my well-being and mental health before and anything that helps with my moods and well-being is always a plus. Exercising releases them feel good hormones and I feel SO good after a workout and it just sets me up for a good day mentally :)


I work from home so i don’t get the staff meetings or work chats in the office, so getting to the gym and socialising is one of my favourite things too.

I do spin classes during the week and I’ve met some really lovely people and it’s such a lovely community to be in.


Routine for me is key to helping me feel on point and focused for the week. Going to the gym every morning before I start work gives me that.

Work outs from home are great and accessible aren’t they, but more times than not, I’ll put it off or say I’ll do a workout later and that ‘later’ never happens, so for me, a gym membership and going in the morning is routine and there is no excuse :)

Moving your body a little bit each day is so beneficial- whether it’s the gym you enjoy, or a long walk with a podcast.

I’d love to know if you enjoy working out and what your reasons are :) 

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