Monday 17 October 2022


 When it comes to Autumn, a shirt is an absolute staple. Oversized and can be worn so many ways!.

I really want to get back into fashion posts so grab yourself an oversized shirt this Autumn and let’s wear it three ways.

Pair it with some high waisted thick leggings, buttoned up and oversized covering the bum - perfect school run attire!. Pop some chunky boots on as they are a staple this season!.

Shirts make the perfect jacket this time of year as the sun is still shining but there is that Autumn crisp feel in the air.

 I am obsessed with Mom jeans at the minute, my favourite are the lift and shape ones from new look, they fit like an absolute glove.

I normally wear a bodysuit with them and a thick belt. Team with a shirt for that extra warm when the wind hits - keep it casual with some high top converses :)

I love Layers and layering up my tops. Layer up with a shirt and tuck it in . Super trendy at the minute and keeps you warm!.

If you are looking for an oversized shirt, primark have got their new range out and there are so many to choose from. This one was £12 and is a size 10.

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